Everything From A Single Source. Intuitive, flexible MOBOTIX software solutions for video management, video analysis, and device control.


MOBOTIX specialize in making IP video security software that can be combined with their proprietary, fail-safe premium hardware to create an intelligent complete system. For security applications of all sizes – with no limits on the number of cameras or users. Both the video management system and the video analysis function are part of the MOBOTIX system solution. Moreover, software updates provided indefinitely and free of charge guarantee a fully integrated, future-proof system that yields a maximum possible return on investment.

MOBOTIX systems use a decentralized architecture to achieve the highest level of video quality with low bandwidth requirements. The powerful hardware and firmware built into each camera independently controls the intelligent video analysis, event detection, and storage management. MOBOTIX cameras now support the H.264 and ONVIF standards to enable integration into third-party systems. Furthermore, the MxPEG video codec guarantees the highest possible quality for photographic proof required for security-relevant applications.

Professional Video Management
MxManagementCenter (MxMC)
MxManagementCenter by MOBOTIX is intuitive, flexible video management software for applications of all sizes.
Camera-Integrated Video Analysis
MxAnalytics makes it possible to save statistical behavioral data on people and objects.
Mobile Video Management
You can access your MOBOTIX cameras and Door Stations when you’re on the go, from anywhere in the world.
MxBell App
The mobile Remote Door Station from MOBOTIX is available free of charge for Android and iOS devices.
Camera and Device Firmware
For Cameras
MOBOTIX cameras utilize integrated operation and management software that provides all the functions of a modern, professional video security system and enables everyday operation without a PC. Users can easily download a software update from the Internet free of charge to add newly developed functions to older cameras as well.
For MxDisplay+
MOBOTIX products get better and better with age, especially because of the unique MOBOTIX software concept. The MxDisplay firmware is continually updated, adding new functions for expanding the device’s application options. Naturally, this is carried out at no additional cost for our customers.
For MxBus Modules
The MxBus module is an accessory that can be connected to and powered by a MOBOTIX camera via two-wire cabling. The firmware for the MxBus modules is part of the firmware package for the connected camera. The firmware for the MxBus modules in use can be easily updated by updating the camera firmware.
Tools And SDK
MOBOTIX offers various Developer Tools and Software Development Kits (SDK) free of charge. For example, actions and alarm calls are distributed and received throughout the entire network using the MOBOTIX MxMessageSystem. Our SDK helps software developers integrate the MxMessageSystem into their own applications.

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